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Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of body ailments by various physical or non medicinal means. This can include the use of a variety of exercise techniques and various modalities, such as heat, massage, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulations, TENS, traction, manual therapy, to name a few.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps to achieve greater independence by clients. Includes rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits (memory, attention, complex reasoning), motor function, sensory function (vision, perception of touch), interpersonal skills (e.g. social skills). The medium of treatment usually involves the use of purposeful activities, which have some meaning and relevance to client’s lifestyle (these are also called ‘occupations’ and include routine behaviors associated with work, leisure and self care).

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Frequently your claim may need objective data to determine the degree of disability or level of function you are at. With FCAs (aka PCEs) we can provide the necessary information to complete your claim.

Lymphedema Treatment

Available in the Bandon Office.

Worksite reviews, Ergonomic Evaluations

John Breurer has received his certification as a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist (CEES) and is able to provide your company with necessary information to help determine where the trouble spots are, or to do individual workstation evaluations, with economic suggestions to decrease work-related stressors.

Off-site visit to your personal health club

Do you already belong to a local health club and are not sure what exercises are safe for you to do? As your therapy is coming to an end, we can arrange to meet you at your club to help you re-establish a safe workout to resume.

Local High School Sports Medicine Coverage

Our staff of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants, are also trained in sports medicine issues and frequently attend local high schools during the practice week and often events to provide onsite evaluations to players and coaches to help prevent injuries during training, or trouble-shoot potential injuries and facilitate necessary treatment.

Women’s Wellness

Available in the Gold Beach and Brookings Offices.

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