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Gym Facilities



“For years we have had patients request to keep coming into our facility to continue with their programs and use the equipment they have become accustomed to. Due to space we were not able to provide this service.

With our new expansion we have been able to add both much needed space and new equipment, including the Nustep, a favorite of those with hip/back limitations as well as the more sedentary patient. We have also added additional aerobic equipment and Nautilus resistance training equipment. Come in and try us out!” – John Breuer

[Download our Policies, Patient Agreement and Health History Forms]

Gym Policy for Members:

  • Membership is open to former patients of SWPT (exceptions will be made on a case by case situation.
  • Current patients ALWAYS have first access to gym equipment.
  • Members must sign in and out.
  • All equipment is to be returned to where it belongs when finished using it.
  • Wipe down equipment when finished using it with provided cleanser and towels.
  • Sorry, children are not allowed in the gym area.
  • Please do not work out if you have a contagious illness.
  • This facility and equipment is used at the member’s own risk. You may bring a family member to assist with set up if you require assistance. Please arrange this ahead of time with you therapist so they can be properly trained in how to best assist you.

New Nautilus equipment has been added to our facility. We now have exercise machines to address all the major muscle groups. Plus you will have access to tables for stretching, doing your free-wt exercises, and use all the equipment you are already familiar with.

Check with your Therapist and Doctor and sign up!

[Download our Policies, Patient Agreement and Health History Forms]

Hours of Operation:

Our hours are the same as the clinic hours, Generally 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. Check with the receptionist for times the facility is least busy with patients. This will generally be in the afternoons, the lunch hour, and most anytime on Tuesday or Thursday. Early times are available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, but check ahead. Sorry, we are not opened on the weekends.

The Cost:

There is no joining fee or contracts to sign. The cost is $35/month per person. All gym members will receive an individual evaluation involving your therapist. There is no contract to sign. If you are going to be gone and would like to suspend your membership arrangements can be make ahead of time at no cost.

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