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Back School


The Back School Program is offered as part of your Physical Therapy prescription for Low Back Pain or Neck Pain. It is considered as part of your Physical Therapy Treatment plan – if recommended by your Dr. you will be scheduled to attend the class for one of your PT sessions.

What is the Back School Program?

  • The program is an educational presentation of factors involved in care of the spine, including cervical, thoracic, and lumbar levels.
  • Topics discussed are body mechanics posture, anatomy, flexibility, stress and nutrition.

Where is it and how long does it last?

  • The class is from 8:30am – 10:15am and is always held in Coos Bay Office. If you are coming from out of town you will be provided with directions to the Thompson Road address.

What will I be learning about? Is this like the programs I’ve had at work?

  • This class will focus on educating you about your anatomy, terminology of diagnosis, and explanation of the injury, aging and healing process.
  • This class will give you more information to form better questions for you to take back to your Doctor.
  • This is not like classes held at most work settings. We want to take you a step further in understanding your diagnosis and prognosis.

What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring the completed questionnaire on or before the day you are scheduled to attend. This information will help us customize the program content to your situation as much as possible.
  • Bring your questions. You will be given handout material. Bring your reading glasses if needed.
  • You will be sitting in this class but you need to feel free to get up and move about as much as needed. If you would like to lay down, arrangements can be made, but please let us know this ahead of time.

What else do I need to know?

  • We will call you on Monday to confirm your Tuesday morning appointment for the class. We do have limited space so if you can’t keep this time, let us know ASAP. Sometimes there is a waiting list.

Can I bring a spouse?

  • Please ask in advance. If there is room we encourage your spouse to attend with you.

What people are saying about SWPT’s Back School

Very nice & beneficial class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and effective

Debbie is a delight. She made the class interesting and a pleasure to be there. She knows what she’s talking about and has a great sense of humor. I learned more in class than all the years of going to doctors and reading their handouts. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has back problems.

I think Debbie did a great job.

This should be taken by anyone with back problems and I learned a great deal about mine through the class. Instructor very good. Many thanks.

Debbie’s Neck/Back School was wonderful. I learned so much more about my situation. Please keep offering this help to more people. It is so valuable. Thanks.

Industrial Back School:

Southwest Physical Therapy offers a Industrial Back School program to specifically target the work setting. This program is a modified version of the Back School Program. 80% of the population will fall into this category eventually. Once a person has had an incidence of low back pain, their risk for recurrence is 10 times greater. Through back schools the goal is to provide information to reduce the risk factors that contribute to low back pain.

Objectives of the Industrial Back School is not to teach how various job tasks are performed, but rather to address the role of responsibility of proper back care. All work settings are important to consider, whether it is at home, recreational activities or on the job site. Postures and body mechanics are discussed and put into functional use through group participation in demonstrations. Nutrition and stress are also factors that contribute to back pain and are incorporated in the presentation as well as the elements of a balanced exercise program, with respect to the person who has already had an injury as well as preventative care.

The presentation is given through, (1) lecture, (2) PowerPoint presentation, (3) group participation in stretching, body mechanic demonstrations, and sampling of stabilization testing, and (4) your questions.

The program can be modified or customized to fit your company’s needs. It is your program and it is our goal to provide the most useful information.

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